Voici un petit texte rédigé par quelques élèves de 5e5 de  Mme Calvet.

Halloween Day

This year, on the 16th of November, we celebrated Halloween at school.

We had a special Halloween meal, it was very yummy but a little strange: we ate violet pasta, a bloody finger in white cheese, a ghost meringue and pumpkin soup!

A lot of pupils dressed up: they wore terrifying costumes and spooky masks, they had frightening make-up.

During the break we bought pop-corn, candies and drinks.

Some pupils played Quidditch during the Physical Education lesson or did funny activities.

Some classrooms and the canteen were decorated.

A few teachers put on scary costumes: they dressed up as skeletons, vampires or witches.

It was a spoocktacular and wicked day and we had a lot of fun!

Thank you very much for organizing this celebration and see you next year!

Written by Axel, Eslame, Liv and Marilou (5ème5)

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